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Our anniversary cake.

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Dear Men,

Women are not mind-readers. Please open up your God-damn mouth and speak the thoughts that are in your head. I hate when you look at me as if what you were thinking is common-fucking-sense. I can’t tell what’s in your pea-sized brain unless you COMMUNICATE. I know you don’t know what that word means, so I suggest you look it the hell up!

This just shows how truly remedial your species really is.

No wonder you all are lonely and unhappy.

Man up!

Independently Major

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My chest is killing me and I have to cancel my appointment with the cardiologist. Why? Because helping other people with their problems takes precedent over my own health. It seems as though the only way supervisors and collegues care about the general well-being of therapists, is when we’re almost fucking dead.

MFT may not be for me after all. I do want to be a therapist, but it’s not the only thing I am capable of doing. Private practice is definitely what I’m supposed to be doing. And I am definitely an independent/academic/professional worker. I cannot work with privileged women who think they are the authority on all things emotional.

When will I stop hating what I’m doing and where I am? First BU, then ECSU, and now SU?

NYU may end up being my saving grace.

Why am I the only one always initiating contact during the day? I’d like to be reached out to every once in a while! How am I supposed to feel special if I am always doing the bidding?! Jesus Christ, this is why things always looks fuzzy with us. I can’t take it. Love is a fucking verb. Do something!

I do love you, though.


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